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Definite Linux White Box Programme
- Making Definite Linux an easy choice of OS for system builders.

Definite Linux White Boxes from

The Definite Linux White Box programme is designed to make offering Definite Linux an attractive proposition to system builders and VARs.
It's easy - all of the Definite Linux components (everything which goes into the retail box) in a simple white box. These are sold in multiples of 5 units and are ideal for bundling with pre-built Linux systems.
We can even make installing Definite Linux a doddle with our Kickstart service - send us a sample of one of your PCs and we will make you a custom installation disk which can be used to set-up identical hardware without any fuss.
The cost of these Kickstart disks will be refunded to you against Definite Linux White Box purchases.

Take away the guesswork with Definite Linux white boxes.

  • You get an installation CD, Source Code CD, Applications CD, Star Office 5.1 (licenced for business & home use!), Boot Floppy, Quick Reference Guide, Installation Guide, PC Badge & FREE Definite Linux Bookshelf CD for each machine!
  • For trouble-free OEM installation every time we will configure a kickstart file for any particular PC configuration using either Definite Linux Standard Edition or Definite Linux Advanced Internet Server Edition.
  • You send us the PC system (which we send back) and within 7 days we will send you the Kickstart file. Please call for more details and a hardware compatibility list.


Definite Linux White Box 5 pack £65
Definite Linux White Box 20 pack £220
Advanced Internet Server White Box single £65
Advanced Internet Server White Box 5 pack £250
*Standard Kickstart installation (7 days) £250
*Platinum Kickstart installation (24 hours) £1000
*Advanced Internet server Kickstart installation £1000

* Kickstart charges are refundable against Definite Linux White box purchases.


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